Sasha Avanov is a guitarist, composer, and private teacher with a background in rock and jazz music.  He grew up in Sacramento, California and moved to Philadelphia, where he is currently completing a degree in Jazz Composition and Arranging at Temple University. Through being a first-generation Russian-American, traveling in Europe, and teaching private lessons at a Puerto Rican music school, Sasha has experienced various cultures and has come to appreciate the way music in particular can connect people of all backgrounds.  He aims to create joy and bring people together cross-culturally through composition, performance, and education.

He works to keep open ears to sounds from many time periods and places. You can find Sasha performing in Philadelphia with his group Tree Stampede and soon with a twelve-person large ensemble that he has assembled.  Both groups fuse his many influences into colorful and inviting sounds.

Sasha strives to be articulate, helpful, and inspiring in all domains of music and life.

Please reach out for all composition, performance, and education inquiries. Let’s make our communities more connected places!


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Photo by MargoReedPhoto